Never miss a meeting

With Zelican’s legal calendar, always be on top of your meetings and appointment. Create events and link it to your matters. We make it easy for you to keep track of your appointments and deadlines. If you wish, you can create multiple calendars for each matters or clients.

Be always in Sync

Easily sync your Zelican’s legal calendar with most of the popular calendaring client. Whether you are using Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook or Office 365, easily keep your calendars in sync. Never miss a calendar appointment. Zelican’s mobile app is also synced in real-time. You will be able to access all your appointments on the go with Zelican’s mobile app for lawyers.

Be Notified

Zelican’s legal calendar allows to have multiple notifications for each event. You can set notification either before the start of the event or after the end of the event. Flexible reminders help you keep on track and never lose focus of work on hand. Easily keep track of the appointments for each calendar. Get a list of appointments for a particular matter on that matter page.