We all have just 24 hours in a day. Time management is an integral part of your success as a lawyer. The busier you become, the more time management becomes essential. Productivity techniques can help, but if you really want to save time as a lawyer, you should consider using a cloud-based law practice management solution.

Often, lawyers don’t really consider how certain activities can take up more of their time or they don’t understand how a cloud-based law practice management program could help them save time. Here are 4 ways you’ll save time because you’re taking advantage of the cloud. The only real question to consider is how you’ll use the time that you free up!

  • Timekeeping And Billing

Do you still keep track of your time by writing it down in a notebook or even in a spreadsheet? It is often presumed that you’ll have the time later to go back and make sure that all of your time is entered into your billing software. If you’re keeping time that must be then manually entered into a separate program, you’re using a lot of time that could otherwise be billable to another project. Using a cloud-based law practice management solution such as Zelican can save you time (and hours of frustration) because your timekeeping and your legal billing is all done in the same program. You just use Zelican to record the time you spend on a project. At the end of your billing cycle, Zelican can take the time that you tracked and create the invoice.

Using Zelican in this way can also save you time (and more frustration) looking for a billing error. Using Word or WordPerfect to create invoices based on your own billing times and rates can result in an error. This type of error can cause confusion and anger from your clients and cause you to spend time looking for the problem. Zelican’s calculations take the assigned hourly rate for a particular task and complete the math based on the amount of time that it took to complete it.

  • No More Wasted Time Searching For Client Files Or Documents

As a lawyer, you know exactly how long you must keep closed matters before destroying them. Yet, what if you need that file or an active file and can’t find it? You know without a doubt that it has to be in your office somewhere.
Zelican saves your critical client information to a cloud that uses bank-grade encryption to protect your files. No more searching the office for missing files once they are uploaded to Zelican. They’re always there when you need them.
Zelican provides legal document storage. This saves you time in two main ways. First, you won’t spend time trying to find your only paper copy of an important document. You always have a copy available for you to access and download. Second, you can use Zelican’s unlimited data storage to save time on your client intake process. Common forms that you use for intake purposes can be digitally sent to your clients. They can fill them out and return them at their convenience through the client portal.

  • Automated Email Management

How time do you think you spend each week triaging your email? According to an online survey published by The Huffington Post, some people spend as much as 6 hours each day managing their work email. That’s a lot of time. Zelican saves time by automatically triaging your email. When you get emails related to a certain case, Zelican makes sure that copies of that email are linked to the digital client file.

  • Manage Your Law Office Anytime, Anywhere

Work-life balance is something that most people want in their lives. With Zelican, you can spend less time in the office taking care of administrative matters and more time with your family. Zelican enables lawyers to manage their law office anytime, anywhere. Because it’s cloud-based, you don’t have to be on your office desktop or laptop to access it like with other programs. Zelican can be used on major operating systems and from any device. We also have a law practice mobile app for lawyers available for iOS and Android devices for no additional cost.

Learn More about Saving Time with Zelican

If you’re looking to save more time, Zelican may be the perfect cloud-based law practice management choice for you. To learn more about Zelican, give us a call today. Have your free trial today .