Automation is something that is often misunderstood by people who are new to the concept. Although automation gives us the idea that things are done automatically and without the guidance or intervention of people, it isn’t fully automatic. The fact that it isn’t fully automatic is actually a good thing. The last thing any law firm needs to do is remove the human element from their practice. However, automating certain tasks can be beneficial for your law firm. If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you should consider automating parts of your law firm.

  • Do You Need To Save Time?

If you want to save more time during your day, automation can help. To get started, consider small changes. For instance, programs like HootSuite and Buffer automate social media. Both programs enable you to track the best times to post your updates, holds updates until those times, and they send the posts out at just the right time.

Why start with social media automation? Social media isn’t necessarily an integral part of running your law firm, but social media is used by most lawyers and law firms. Unless you have someone devoted to handling you social media, you know exactly how much time social media can take. It is usually one of the first optional tasks that is placed on the back burner because of the time it takes. Social media automation can turn a 15 or 20 hour per week job into something that takes you around 45 minutes a week (not counting replying to anyone who contacts you because of what you post). Once you load up your social media management account, you make sure it is connected to your social media accounts and let it do its job.
Just remember to check in on your feeds to respond to people who are interacting with you (and remember to say thank you to people who share your posts).

Once you’re comfortable with the idea of automation and can see how it can save you time, you can look to other automation tools. Zelican provides automated tools to help save you time. Zelican can streamline your timekeeping process and billing as well as enables clients to pay you online. The payments are automatically applied to the proper invoice.

Zelican also has an app for Android and iOS. You can record expenses and manage your law firm anytime, anywhere. Since the mobile app is so easy to use, you’re able to update your records on the go!

These features, among others, can save you hours of time each month when it is time to reconcile your accounts.

  • Do You Want To Be More Organized?

If you want to be more organized, automation is a great choice. Automating your email can help you go (and stay) paperless while also keeping your emails organized. For law firms, this is particularly important as more courts are moving to digital filing and communication. Lawyers communicate with clients and opposing counsel through email. While email is a fantastic and often quick way to communicate, it is easy to accidentally delete an email, lose an email that you printed, or for an email to end up in a wrong digital folder or into the wrong physical file. Few things in life are more panic inducing than a misplaced email!

Zelican provides a unique email automation tool that will help your entire law office be more organized. Once set up, Zelican will triage your email into the right digital files and attach the proper tags to make it easy for you to find when you need to reference it.

Zelican Helps Law Firms Get Automated Without A Headache

Zelican’s cloud-based suite of practice management tools helps law firms get automated without a headache. It’s easy to set-up and use. Since it covers the major components involved in running a successful law firm, you can automate multiple areas and manage it all in one place. To learn more about how Zelican can meet the specific needs of your law firm, sign up for your free trial.

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