Think about the last time that you went to a first appointment with a doctor, a specialist, or even to visit your own lawyer. How did you feel when you were undergoing their client intake process? Did you get there early enough to fill out the mounds of paperwork? Do you feel like you got your money’s worth out of your appointment since you spent so much of it shuffling paper? We’ve all had at least one bad experience when being on the receiving end for client intake. Most new clients absolutely hate the traditional client intake process. Since happy clients refer their friends and family, it makes sense for law firms to consider their client intake process and make it more client friendly.

  • Get Client Information Over The Phone

Since people call your law firm to book their consultation time, you should consider re-designing your client intake process to collect most of their data over the phone. Your law firm can collect and enter the information as well as inform the client which documents they should bring in for their appointment. Your representative should also ask for the client’s email address and email them a reminder about the appointment along with the list of documents that they need to bring with them.

When the client comes in for their initial appointment, they can review the information your firm collected and tell you if any changes need to be made. This speeds up the intake process for the client and results in less frustration on their part.

  • Digital Client Intake

Create an online client intake process. It’s important that the process is secure since you will be asking for at least some personal information (although you can wait to collect the really sensitive information, such as a social security number and bank account information, for their visit).

One of the benefits of digital client intake is that the process is more convenient for your new clients. Since the newest generation that is of working age is used to being able to use the Internet for most things, creating an online intake is appealing.

If you choose a digital intake process, it is also important that you use a verification system. Phone numbers should be required as well as email addresses. If people are able to complete the client intake process before you speak with them on the phone, someone from your firm should call them after they’ve given their information in order to verify it and set up the consultation time.

If the thought of a fully digital client intake process frightens you, consider having new clients calling your firm to give you their email address. Then, you can email them PDF documents that they can fill out digitally and send back to you before their appointment.

  • Appeal To All Of Your Clients

Depending on your area of law, you may not think that all of your new clients would be attracted to an online client intake process. Why not offer your new clients a choice? Ask on their first phone call to your firm whether they would prefer to complete their client intake questionnaire online or if they would prefer to complete it in person. This also gives you more control over the process.

Happy Clients Make Referrals

Making your client intake process easier for your clients is just one of the many ways that you can make your clients happy. When clients are happy, they stay. They refer their family and friends. Above all, they return to your law firm when they need your help.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can enable a secure, digital client intake process, contact Zelican. We’re experts in secure cloud-based practice management that is designed with both clients and lawyers in mind.

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